I started drawing on our backyard fence a few years ago for fun and as a stress release from my full time job as a physician. I have an MFA that I haven’t used in 15 years, and my husband had been bugging me to do creative things since medical school and residency. At first, I used sidewalk chalk, but as things got more detailed and ambitious, I started using a set of pastels that I had left over from the ’80’s. I drew a picture of a baby and mother duck, which my husband thought was so cute that he had to save it from the elements. He cut out an entire section of our backyard fence and essentially made a “canvas” by putting wood reinforcements on the back. I started drawing on the leftover pieces of wood, experimenting with making small and large wood “canvases,” and I quickly ran out of materials! A friend gave me several sections of his old fence, which we cleaned up, re-weathered, and now I’m painting/drawing on the pieces of fence, bringing the art indoors where it can be enjoyed for a lifetime.